Why should you have a blog attached to your company’s website?

Blogs are not complicated math equations.
Blogs are not complicated math equations.

Many businesses are scrambling to put together an attractive blog to support their SEO and push them closer to the top of Google searches.

If you look around the Internet marketplace, you’ll see everyone from Harvard led start-ups to the local carpet-cleaning company creating a WordPress site and posting “Ten Random Helpful Tips About Blah Blah Blah.”

Their blogs serve SEO. This is the wrong approach.

Your blogs should serve your customers, first and foremost. They should tell a story, a story about you, and that story should be more meaningful than “Buy X and Y Because Keyword.”

B O R I N G.

The real question you should be asking is: Why should you have a good blog attached to your company’s website?

As much as people want to buy your product or service to fill a need in their life, more than anything they want to buy you.

They want to buy your vision, your style, your personal approach to living. They won’t read your blog and make it a daily or weekly habit if you are nowhere to be found.

You can have all the right ingredients, but the cake may not taste good.
You can have all the right ingredients, but the cake may not taste good.

Solid SEO practices are like brushing your teeth. It keeps you at a basic level of health, but it won’t make you a dentist’s dream if you have a zero-flossing policy, eat a diet filled with sugar, and never see the hygienist.

Professionalism (SEO) will only get you so far. As much as Billy Mays sold house-cleaning products, he mainly sold Billy Mays. As much as movies sell their plot lines, they also tend to sell and profit from the charisma of celebrities. Look at Facebook and other tech companies (Zuckerburg), talk-show hosts (Oprah), famous books (J.K. Rowling) … they all end up selling their creators just as much as they sell their various platforms.

People want people. It’s as simple as that. When you create a blog, you need writing and content that gives your customers an inside look into the real you.

Don't forget that blogs are built for readers.
Don’t forget that blogs are built for readers. One successful google search doesn’t equal loyalty.

Sure, you also need catchy headings, subtitles, useful information, all the bells and whistles to look like you know what you’re doing, but maintaining a blog that benefits your business will be impossible if there isn’t a reason for readers to come back.

You may be afraid of vulnerability. You may be afraid your business will seem less legitimate if your blog has personality.

We’re a culture that likes to look down on those we idolize. But we can’t help ourselves when they give us a glimpse into both the gritty and the shiny bits of their lives.

Are you too cool for commitment? Blogs are about long-lasting relationships.
Are you too cool for commitment? Blogs are about long-lasting relationships.

Anyone who regularly visits the Internet knows exactly why you started a blog and what you expect to get out of it.

Customers are smart. Value their time by giving them something they actually want to read.

Let me help you figure out how you can entertain and interest your customers through the medium of blog writing.

Key Rat Creative provides boutique freelance writing services to professionals in a variety of fields, with niche expertise in dentistry, science, travel, nonprofit branding, and public relations. Our primary focus is creating engaging, useful blog and web content that is SEO friendly and relevant to the intended audience. There is an art to the idea generation and crafting process that leads to the kind of writing people actually enjoy reading.

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